I want to thank everyone in the Greater Baton Rouge area for their enormous support of the U.S. Army Red Stick Bowl played on Dec. 20 at BREC’s Olympia Stadium.

The support and attention you gave each soldier, student, player and coach was not only inspiring, but much appreciated. However, as I have learned from my time in Baton Rouge, it was not to be unexpected.

A note on our coaches: What a masterful job they did in preparing the players for this game. They displayed tremendous intensity, dedication, motivation and commitment to the players and the game, clearly demonstrating that they are the masters of their craft.

For our fans who showed up to support their players, either in the stands or through social media, thank you.

I also want to thank you for supporting our soldiers and future soldiers for their service. The time you took to thank our soldiers and future soldiers for defending our nation is greatly appreciated.

We ask for that level of enthusiasm throughout the year and your continued support of our duties and missions here in Baton Rouge.

If you have any questions about the Army, please feel free to reach out to a local recruiter or myself.


Monica P. Washington

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

Baton Rouge