The Zachary Fire Department recently highlighted the accomplishments of firefighter Stephen Jones, 24.

Jones has worked at the Zachary Fire Department for the past six years, starting as a volunteer firefighter in 2009.

Jones also volunteers for the Slaughter Volunteer Fire Department and has worked previously as a firefighter for the West Feliciana Fire District No. 1 along with his brother Joshua Jones, who also volunteers for Zachary and Slaughter fire departments.

“The scariest situation I’ve ever been in as a firefighter was two years ago while working the fire at Monolyte Labs in Slaughter,” Jones said. “It was a chemical explosion and subsequent fire. Barrels were exploding everywhere. It was the unknowns that made it scary; not knowing what hazardous materials were burning.”

He said if given the chance to work in any other profession, he wouldn’t.

“I love my career as a firefighter. I wouldn’t do anything else,” Jones said.

Jones enjoys his time away off fire fighting playing paint ball, fishing and working with model trains.

“I love my job and really enjoy working with the other firefighters on my shifts,” Jones said. “We have a bond like no other.”