With little fanfare, the Zachary Community School Board on Tuesday approved a balanced budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year — one that includes step raises for district employees.

The board also gave Superintendent Scott Devillier a 3.50 out of a possible 4 in his annual evaluation, after an executive session to discuss the matter.

Board President Beth Kimmel said Devillier was evaluated on six areas, including board relations; community relations; staff relations and interpersonal relationships; educational leadership; business and finance; and personal qualities.

As for the budget, the general fund balance at the beginning of the year is $12,930,007 with revenue for the upcoming fiscal year estimated at $52,340,953 and total expenditures estimated at $52,136,151 — a difference of $204,802.

Also on Tuesday, the board approved three personnel contracts: a three-year for Zachary High’s new principal, Tim Jordan; a three-year for the new supervisor of School and Home Relations, Joe LeBlanc; and a two-year contract for the new high school softball coach, Courtney Liddle Barbour.

The School Board’s next meeting is slated for July 19.