The Zachary Community School Board approved at its June 16 meeting a three-year extension on Superintendent Scott Devillier’s contract.

Earning a 3.4 out of a possible 4.0 on his annual evaluation, Devillier’s contract begins July 1 and ends in June 2018.

The annual evaluation was discussed in executive session at two meetings in May.

Devillier, who has been on the job since November 2012, said he would take into consideration the board’s comments and recommendations.

“I take this all to heart. It’s more than a job to me, and I’m not the person I am today without you sitting out there,” Devillier said, motioning to the district’s principals. “This is truly a team effort.”

Board President Hubie Owen called Devillier’s score “excellent.”

In other board news, discussion of the 2015-16 budget indicated a general fund balance of $10,230,639. Surplus usage over the past few years showed transfers to the general fund of: $5,000,000 to cover facility expenses associated with Copper Mill Elementary additions; $1.35 million for readiness testing; and $1.15 million for the multipurpose track and field replacement.

District financial manager Gordon Robertson reported the total revenue as $50,838,284 with total expenditures also at $50,838,284.

Board members were told that pending MFP funds and unknown health insurance costs could have an impact on the budget.

“In most cases, the budget is approved in June in order to begin the new fiscal year balanced but is amended sometime before September, when it officially must be approved,” Devillier said. “This is what will be done once the numbers for health insurance and MFP funds are received.”