Zachary Public Works Department representative Lovenia Williams, left, and Zachary Floodplain Manager Amy Schulze, right, visit Zachary Elementary school to distribute 'Recycling Starts With You' pencils and recycling resource workbooks to each student. Demetria Scott's third-grade class was among the students who received the treats. Principal Keisha Thomas is at the back, second from right. The department said by teaching our children environmentally friendly living habits, we can instill principles in them that they can carry throughout their lives.

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Zachary Public Works Department representative Lovenia Williams recently brought the message “Recycling Starts with You” to a group of Zachary's most important stakeholders: Demetria Scott’s third-grade class at Zachary Elementary.

The city knows it’s easier to start new habits than break old ones.

“By teaching our children environmentally friendly living habits, we can instill principles in them that they can carry throughout their lives, Williams said. “The more we teach our children about conservation and waste reduction, the brighter the future is for them and the environment.”

The timing of this year’s recycling talk to third-graders was also significant because it was less than two weeks after Zachary marked a change in its recycling protocols. Starting Feb. 1, the city began working with a new recycling contractor and initiated a new pickup schedule, said Sharon Phillips, Zachary’s public information director.

Phillips said city officials felt the rates were moving toward an increase, so they decided to bundle the recycling contract with Waste Management, the firm that handles the city’s garbage service. The biggest change is the new recycling routes needed to handle population growth.

New maps can be viewed at the City of Zachary Website, found at  

Residents will still be able to recycle the same items — plastic drink bottles, milk jugs, plastic detergent bottles, magazines, telephone books, newspaper, mail, cardboard boxes, aluminum cans and soup cans among them.

“We feel that contracting with the same company for both garbage and recycling will be a plus in the City of Zachary, both economically and efficiently,” Mayor David Amrhein said.

All recyclable materials must be in a green recycling bin. New bins can be obtained at the City of Zachary annex, 4750 Main St. Recyclable materials can be mixed in the bins. City officials urge residents to put out recycling the night before it is to be picked up since  drivers begin their routes early in the morning. 

Recycling is a family commitment, so Williams said the city is investing time in the little ones who are already starting to carry a waste burden, so they can be a part of the solution.

“I think they picked third grade because it lines up with what they are learning at school and seeing at home,” she said.

Williams' presentation said the goal of recycling is to help free up landfills and give even young children a chance to help the environment.

Questions relating to recycling can be addressed to the Zachary Public Works Department at (225) 654-1902.  

Pickup schedule

MONDAYS: All areas west of the railroad tracks and south of La. 64, up to and including Oak Trace Subdivision.

TUESDAYS: All areas west of Oak Trace Subdivision and south of La. 64, not including the highway, except for La. 64 west of La. 964 (Old Scenic Highway).

THURSDAYS: All areas east of the railroad tracks.

FRIDAY: All areas west of the railroad tracks, north of La. 64 and including La. 64, and La. 964 (Old Scenic Highway) north of La. 64 will be collected on Fridays. Does not include La. 64 west of Old Scenic Highway.