The Spirit Ride casket moves across the country in a 2017 publicity photo. Pamela Turner, of Lee’s Towing in Zachary, will transport the casket on a leg of its 2018 journey. The “Slow Down, Move Over” campaign seeks to raise awareness of all the tow truck drivers and first responders killed on the nation’s highways each year.

Provided photo by American Towwman/Spirit Ride

Service and advocacy has recently taken a national stage for Pamela Turner as she works with tow drivers across the country to make the roads safer for first responders.

“That’s my main goal — being safe,” Turner said. “Once you get out of this truck and you walk that white line, you don’t know if you’re going to get back here 'cause people don’t pay attention.”

The Spirit Ride will relay a ceremonial casket across the nation and back. About 300 towing companies across the U.S. are contributing their services to the Spirit Ride to promote safe driving and the Slow Down, Move Over law.

The Spirit Ride mantra to “slow down and move over” is an effort to educate drivers of the importance of moving to an opposite lane and slowing down when a tow truck or first responder is assisting a pulled-over motorist. The campaign’s organizers hope to greatly reduce the deaths among drivers and first responders killed on the highways.

Turner will transport the Spirit Ride casket on the back of her truck later this year. “They have been going around the country to bring awareness to tell people that when you see us along the side of the road — whether it be a firetruck, a tow truck or police — you need to move over because our lives depend on that. A lot of people, a lot of tow truck operators get killed on the side of the road every day,” Turner said.