Carla Jackson, Louisiana’s Teacher of the Year for 2015, said she was thrilled at the opportunity to swear in state Treasurer John Neely Kennedy for his fifth term Jan. 11.

Jackson, a third-grade teacher at Bains Elementary in St. Francisville, and her husband, John Jackson, met with Kennedy and his wife, Becky, prior to the ceremony in Baton Rouge.

“He called me and just said he would be honored if a teacher swore him in,” Jackson said.

“Today, I was sworn in as your state treasurer. I asked Carla Jackson … to swear me in because there is no more important job in Louisiana than being a teacher,” Kennedy posted on his Facebook page. “God, bless you, Carla, and all of our teachers. Thank you, for making this day special.”

Kennedy was born in Centreville, Mississippi, but raised in Zachary.

He lives with his family in Madisonville.