A new book signing event for three local authors, including Vijay Shertukde, of Zachary, was held March 28 at Barnes and Noble in Baton Rouge.

The event featured Shertukde, author of the spy techno-thriller “Blur”; Cookie Tuminello, a motivational speaker, leadership developer and author; and Sara Blackwell, author of “Destiny of One.”

Shertukde, a native of Mumbai, India, was fascinated by books at an early age, which fostered his love for reading and mystery novels.

“I’m a fan of Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond series, Agatha Christie and the Arnalkar brothers from India,” said Shertukde, who lives with his wife in Zachary. “Other spy novelists were a huge inspiration for me, and their books opened up a world of intrigue and mystery.”

After graduating with a degree in engineering, Shertukde moved to the United Kingdom and then to the United States, where he completed graduate studies in electrical engineering at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute of New York.

The author of three books said childhood stories of mythological lore added religion to his interests, and although engineering was his career, writing remained his passion, so he wrote “I Am Hindu” and “Seed.” Both are works of non-fiction that relate to the Hindu philosophy.

“My third book, ‘Blur,’ is considered a hybrid genre, spy and techno-thriller,” Shertukde said.

Barnes and Noble is considering hosting a speaking event for Shertukde, who wrote “Blur” in between a series of heart attacks, the author said.

“The bookstore’s manager thinks sharing what motivated me and discussing how writing helped me through the experience is its own interesting story. I’m keeping my fingers crossed,” Shertukde said.

The author said he continues to write about cultural, traditional and political issues stemming from the Hindu philosophy, history and human exploitation.