For the past 16 or 17 years, a group of business associates, friends and members of the Zachary Rotary Club have taken a trip to Tennessee, engaging in outdoor activities that take them to parts of Georgia and North Carolina as well.

Never attended by the same group of people twice, the trip revolves mainly around rafting the Ocoee River. Other activities include canoeing or kayaking, hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, backpacking, rock climbing and exploring underground caverns.

This year’s group of friends, who are either from Zachary or reside there, went for the whitewater rafting, kayaking, fly fishing and cavern exploring.

“Some years, we’ve had a few people who have suffered broken bones or bruises, things like that, but this year we were lucky and no one was seriously injured,” Zachary businessman Jack Burk said.

The injuries come from whitewater rafting, which is thrilling but can be dangerous because of the fast-moving rapids that can overturn the raft, said Rotarian Brandon Noel, who has attended the trip several times.

The trip was June 10-14 and included Mark Anderson, Burk, Ben Cavin, Clint Gayle, Scott Masterson, Dax Menge, David Mills, Harry Morris, Noel, Craig Parnell, Ryan Talbot and Jimmy Waddell.