After hours at the Zachary Food Pantry on April 15, the scene was slightly chaotic. But in a good way.

Daisies from Girl Scout Troop 10145 of Zachary and their parents were busy piling boxes of Do-Si-Dos and Thin Mints and bags of canned and dry goods into a shopping cart to be weighed by Food Pantry volunteer Roma Prejean.

The girls then offered to help Prejean stock the shelves with their recently donated items — a can of tomatoes here, a jar of peanut butter there.

“Where does this go?” asked Savannah MacArthur, 8, while tugging on Prejean’s arm.

“That goes here; wait, no it doesn’t,” another Daisy Scout said.

The troop worked for weeks selling Girl Scout cookies to friends, relatives, residents and businesses throughout the Zachary community and during their sales asked people to donate boxes of cookies toward the Food Pantry effort.

Those who didn’t sell cookies collected bags of food to donate.

In all, 94.5 pounds of food were donated.

“It’s wonderful to see these girls working together so that others can benefit. My oldest grandchild is 11, so it’s nice to be around little ones again; they are so cute, and we’re grateful for their efforts,” said Prejean on behalf of the Food Pantry.

A dip in donations between winter and spring is expected, Prejean says, but what the food bank really needs is dry goods.

“Anything that comes in a box or bag — grits, oatmeal, pasta noodles, rice, flour, cereal — we’re in short supply. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll take anything people would like to donate, but what we don’t get, we just don’t get,” Prejean said.

Because of the lack of dry goods, Food Pantry Director Reggie Dykes came up with the idea of a “no can-do day,” which has been launched at Zachary High School as a contest between the female and male students to see who could collect the most dry goods, Prejean said.

The Zachary Food Pantry delivered some of its collection barrels to the ZHS campus for the weeklong drive ending Friday.

For the Daisy troop’s effort, the girls will earn a food bank patch.