The Zachary Newcomers Club met for a special meeting Feb. 5 when members recognized Sylvia Wahoske for her work in founding the club and growing it over the past five years.

In recognition of her hard work, members honored Wahoske with a commemorative plaque.

“All of her hard work in starting and keeping this club progressing is why we’re here today,” said Beth Sanders Young, who will be taking over Wahoske’s duties.

Wahoske, a native of Missoula, Montana, is married to Keith Wahoske, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, who works at Georgia Pacific-Port Hudson.

“We first met and married in Missoula when Keith received his first transfer in the pulp and paper industry,” Wahoske said. “Our sixth career move brought us to Zachary in 2008, but we were actually returning to the area since we had initially moved to Baton Rouge in 1998, but it felt like we were returning home to good friends and family.”

Wahoske said in earlier moves, she had discovered Newcomers Clubs like the one in Baton Rouge and decided to start one in the Zachary area in 2009.

“I wanted to meet and make friends with people in my own community,” said Wahoske, who is relocating to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, on March 3.

“I will really miss how the grocery store, library, pharmacy and gym were all so close to our home in Fennwood. Zachary has many opportunities for families who are interested in the arts, education and sports but it’s also close enough to a bigger city and airport,” Wahoske said.

Her hopes are for the Newcomers Club to continue to grow so a new person in town never has to start another one.

Young, who Wahoske calls a real asset to the group, first attended a Newcomers meeting in November and offered to start a social media page that has helped increase membership.

“I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the Newcomers and will be the ‘big toe’ that Sylvia has appointed to attempt to fill her very large shoes,” Young said. “Other ‘toes’ include Jean Cole, Laurie Zuccaro, Rebecca Johnson, Blaine Imhoff and others.”

Young said the group will work together to expand membership and fill the needs of Zachary newcomers.

The Zachary Newcomers Club welcomes residents who have lived in the area five years or less. The group meets monthly for activities during the day and evening such as coffee, lunch, a book club, bridge, bunco, golf, tennis and more.

For information, visit Zachary Newcomers Club on Facebook or sign up for a monthly newsletter by contacting Young at (225) 301-2684 or