Zachary is offering a senior utility assistance program starting Dec. 1, a news release announced.

The rate reduction is available to seniors within the corporate limits of Zachary who meet the qualifications. To be eligible for the discount, applicants must:

  • be 65 years of age or older on or before Jan. 31 the year of filing the application for exemption.
  • have an active Zachary water/garbage account for their residence
  • have an individual water meter in their name or spouse’s name.
  • have a net annual income of less than less than $36,000 dollars for the most recent year for the entire household associated with the account

Applicants will be asked to sign an affidavit stating they meet the qualifications for the program. Eligibility must be established every three years.

To maintain eligibility, customers must sign a new application on or before the date of the previous application. The city may audit to verify net annual income for the entire household associated with the account at any time during the existence of the reduced account relationship. Falsifying information or failing to notify a change in eligibility status may lead to termination of water service and recovery of past discounts, the release said.

The discount will not include sewer fees, late charges, interest or other associated fees.

To apply, pick up an application at the Zachary Utility Office, 4650 Main Street. Complete and return to same location. The application is also available at: For questions, call the Utilities/Billing Department at (225) 654-6871 Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.