Cheerleading squads from Zachary High and Northwestern Middle schools teamed up to attend the Universal Cheerleader Association camp at the Beach Club in Gulf Shores, Alabama, June 22-25.

The cheerleaders competed as teams in four categories: extreme routine, cheer, sideline and game day champions categories.

Zachary High cheerleaders competed on three teams in three divisions: large varsity, small varsity and junior varsity while the Northwestern Middle cheerleaders competed in the non-varsity division.

The high school’s large varsity squad won first place in sideline and game day champions and second in extreme routine and cheer; the small varsity team won first place in extreme routine, sideline and game day champions and second place in cheer; and the junior varsity team won first place in cheer and game day champions and second in extreme routine and sideline.

The NMS squad earned a first place win in sideline and second place finishes in extreme routine and cheer.

Coach Shannon Milazzo said each year at the camp, the cheerleaders participate in a jump off event. Competing in the jump off from the ZHS were Logan Guilbeau, Lauren Thompson, Katie Phillips, Kiswayla Scott, Madison Holmes and Logan Walker. Northwestern’s jump off cheerleaders were Courtney Cook and Kelsey White.

Finalists from the teams were Holmes and WhiteMadison and Kelsey, and the jump off high school varsity winner for the second consecutive year was Guilbeau from the large varsity team.

Milazzo said during the camp, six members from each team are invited to compete in an extreme dance, cheer and jump competition for the chance to be named an All-American cheerleader. Participants must score 11 to 15 points to win the honor.

Zachary and NMS had 24 girls compete, and 14 were named All-Americans. As a result, they will be invited to attend the UCA’s London New Year’s Eve Tour.

All-Americans include: McKenzie Daigle, Guilbeau, Karli Hall and Catherine Halphen, large varsity; Kaleigh Carter, Phillips, Jamie Stagg and Maggie Terral, small varsity; HolmesMadison, Walker and Nya Jackson and Logan, junior varsity; and Claire Milazzo, WhiteKelsey and Dominique Wittig, NMS.

For senior cheerleaders Cache Brown, Taylee Corkern, Guilbeau, Hall, Phillips, Toree Lloyd and McKenzie Sullivan, this was their last year at the camp.

Coaches of the squads while at camp included Milazzo, Brandon Houck and Ladricca White, NMS and ZHS large varsity; Jamie Byrd, ZHS small varsity; Natasha Walker and Lydia Wells, ZHS junior varsity.