Judy Davezac retired Feb. 18 after a 35-year career working for the city of Zachary.

A Centreville native and daughter of a pastor, Davezac moved to Zachary in 1978 from Baker. She was hired in September 1980 as a cashier by Jessie Pendergest III, who became acting mayor after city leader Jack Breaux died in office. She would go on to work for four additional mayors.

While on the job, she met her husband, Chris Davezac, now the city’s Public Works director.

“He was working for Zachary’s engineering firm at the time. I remember in the summer of 1984, he was always in the office and had a great personality, becoming friends with everyone,” Davezac said. “We were both going through some trying times in our personal lives, and we just seemed to connect. We remained friends and will be married 29 years now on Feb. 27.”

She said people have always asked her if it was difficult working with her spouse.

“No, it wasn’t, and I actually enjoyed it. We never worked in the same department so it was OK, but being in a small building, we were always together, which was fine with us,” Davezac said.

When asked what she’ll miss most about the job, she said doing the payroll, checks and bank statements.

“I love looking for days for a penny. Truly, I’m going to miss the work,” she said.

Mostly, Davezac said she’ll miss working with co-worker Madeline Hemba, who began working part-time for Zachary upon graduation from high school and full-time once she finished college.

“Although she’s much younger than me, Madeline and I think alike. We worked great together and always had each other’s back. She listened and gave me some good advice. I have watched her grow up and become a great employee, wife, mother and a wonderful neighbor,” Davezac added.

Things she’ll miss the least about her job are working 10-hour days, time clocks and the sound of the alarm clock buzzing.

The pros of working 35 years for the city include working one’s way up from the bottom, learning how a municipality operates and building lasting friendships, while the cons she listed as having elections every four years and the changes that come with that.

Davezac said she is looking forward to spending time with relatives, Bible study, sleeping late and shopping with friends.

“I’ll also play around with my camera more and spend time with my ‘sisters’ and best friends, Denise Burdette, Angie Knaps and Diane Womack, who have all retired from the city of Zachary,” she said.

Together, the Davezacs have four children: Alesha, Chris, Katie and Cullen; a daughter-in-law Aimee and son-in-law Mike; two grandsons, Caden Scot and Blake Edward; and a granddaughter, Emry Ann.