LSU University College presents spring awards _lowres

Photo provided by Ernie Ballard III -- Alexander Singleton, from left, Gayle W. Foret and Dr. Gerald L. Foret attend the recent LSU University College's annual 'Celebration of Excellence' Spring Awards program on March 17 at The Club on Union Square.

LSU University College presented its annual “Celebration of Excellence” Spring Awards program on March 17 at The Club on Union Square. The college awarded $80,000 through 65 undergraduate student scholarships, five LSU faculty teaching awards, two graduate teaching assistant awards and one LSU Advisor of the Year Award.

“Two important components of student retention are the opportunities to reward students for their academic achievements and to recognize outstanding teaching in the classroom. University College is pleased to have generous donors that allow us to offer scholarships to students who have demonstrated a commitment to their college studies and for us to acknowledge some of LSU’s outstanding undergraduate faculty with teaching awards,” said Paul Ivey, executive director of LSU University College. “Our ‘Celebration of Excellence’ ceremony allows us the opportunity to publicly recognize these young scholars and deserving faculty.”

Alexander Singleton, of Zachary, was one of three students to receive the Dr. Gerald L. and Gayle W. Foret Scholarship.