People who hold events in the David Horton/Jesse Spears Community Center in Zachary will soon have to pay a $100 deposit the city will return only if the facility is clean.

The Zachary council approved the measure unanimously Tuesday.

The city, which operates the community center recently renamed for two community leaders, currently does not charge anyone to use the facility. But Mayor David Amrhein said at the council’s March 8 meeting he was “appalled” during a recent visit at how dirty it was, noting people hadn’t thrown away trash or flushed toilets after an event.

“After renaming it for Mr. Jesse and Mr. David, I hope it gives us a sense of purpose for maintaining it,” Amrhein said Tuesday, adding that the city recently spent about $250,000 on upgrades to the building.

Someone from city government will inspect the building after events to ensure it is tidy, Amrhein said. The deposit will be returned if it is, but if not, the city will put the $100 deposit toward cleaning expenses. In the past, Zachary police officers cleaned the building if it was dirty.

The ordinance includes a “two strikes” rule that will prohibit anyone who leaves the building dirty twice from using it again.

In other business, council members introduced an ordinance to be voted on later that would allow the city to adopt all misdemeanors under state law as misdemeanors under Zachary’s city laws.

Assistant city attorney Ricky McDavid said there are differing opinions on whether local courts have jurisdiction over cases involving state misdemeanors, such as theft or traffic offenses.

“Maybe our city court doesn’t have jurisdiction … and it might have to go downtown to the 19th (JDC),” McDavid said.

The proposal would not add any new laws to the books; rather, it would simply make handling cases easier, he said.

The council also approved a site plan for a new EMS station on Carpenter Road off Highway 64.