Boss hog slain by teen near Plains area home _lowres

Photo provided by Mary Grace Hardin -- John Paul Hardin, 16, of Zachary, killed this huge wild boar on Sept. 20. After being spotted about 20 feet from the Hardin home in the Plains area and being fired upon several times, the big pig ran into a neighbor's yard, where it was shot again and finally collapsed. The boar is estimated to weigh between 500 to 600 pounds and measures 7.5 feet long.

On Sept. 20, the Hardin family received an uninvited early-morning guest on the front lawn of their home in the Plains area of Zachary.

A large wild boar, which had been spotted several times near Plains-Port Hudson Road, was killed by John Paul Hardin, 16, with the help of a neighbor. Before going down, the big pig was shot several times by a .357 revolver and a 30-30 rifle.

Because a scale large enough to weigh the huge boar was unavailable, its weight could only be estimated at about 500 to 600 pounds.

It measured 71/2 feet in length and had 3-inch tusks.

Hardin said the boar was first seen about 20 feet from his family’s house and was shot in the front yard. It then ran into the neighbor’s yard, where it was fired upon again and eventually collapsed.

“This is a hog of a lifetime and completely unexpected in this area,” said Hunter Hardin, John Paul’s father.