Superior Ford partnered with Zachary High School and the community March 25 for the annual Drive 4UR School fundraising event.

Superior Ford donated $20 to the school for every person that test-drove a Ford vehicle.

More than 300 people participated, helping to raise more than $6,000, which will support extracurricular activities and programs at ZHS.

More than half of the participants were faculty and students from Zachary High, said Brian Guidry, of Superior Ford.

“We owe thanks to Brian Guidry and the folks at Superior Ford for their help and the opportunity to raise much-needed funds,” Principal Joe LeBlanc said.

“The students and teachers far exceeded their involvement this year than in previous years,” Guidry said.

Superior Ford employees involved in Drive 4UR School were complimentary of ZHS students and their politeness and respectfulness throughout the event, Guidry said.

“Knowing that ZHS faculty and students made up about 150 of the test drivers, I’m thankful we exceeded our goal of 300 drivers,” LeBlanc said. “Apparently, people were still coming by the next day and driving for Zachary High.”

Employees from Mayor David Amrhein’s office, Lane Regional Medical Center employees, Zachary School District employees, members of the School Board and Zachary firefighters as well as community residents showed up to support ZHS, LeBlanc said.

“I also know our students went home and did all they could to convince their parents into coming out for a test drive,” LeBlanc said.

“We are honored and blessed to have such a caring and committed group of supporters here in the community. We’re thankful for everyone involved in helping us go above and beyond our Drive 4UR School goal and thankful for those who continue to be committed to ZHS on a daily basis.”

Ford Motor Company developed the Drive 4UR School program in 2007 to help raise funds for local high schools.