Area students were named to the spring honors list at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Students with a 3.50 or better GPA are on the president’s list, dean’s list students have a 3.20 to 3.49 GPA and honor roll students a 3.00 to 3.19 GPA.

Honors list students must be full-time undergraduates carrying at least 12 credit hours and have no grade below a C, according to a news release.


  • PRESIDENT’S LIST: Tamara E. Alexander, Hannah G. Allen, Vallen K. Brown, Collin Cashio, Tyron’E B. Hawkins, Madelyn M. Lemoine, Jack K. McAdams and Deja McKay.
  • DEAN’S LIST: Breigh A. Allen and Glover Chassaing.
  • HONOR ROLL: David H. Arnold, Tyler French, Johnny L. Gautreaux, Emily A. Phillips and Delanie J. Turner.

Greenwell Springs

  • PRESIDENT’S LIST: Hannah R. Ashford, Amanda K. Boothe, Shelby L. Breckwoldt, Alex M. Courtade, Emily G. Delee, Morgan A. Dietrich, Blakeli A. Entremont, Shonesty M. Green, Ashton A. Kennedy, Justin P. Lafleur, Alicen V. Lieux, Candace M. Miranda, Ruby E. Mosquera, Stephen C. Oliphant, Christina E. Roddy, Sara M. Scott, Tanner Stockton, Rachel R. Terrell, Scott W. Theriot and Jacob W. Venable.
  • DEAN’S LIST: Kelli D. Caraccioli, Lauren Dickerson, Brittany A. Dupree, Madison Durr, Katarina N. Frank, Sarah K. Fryoux, Anna D. Gill, Cassidy L. Hebert, Josie D. Jolibois, Tequanea Kelly, Forrest T. King, Maggie I. Milstead and Taylor G. Stiles.
  • HONOR ROLL: Carlee A. Bagley, Bobbie L. Broome, Jordanne L. Clement, Chandler R. Hollingsworth, Jeremy M. Lafleur, Christine M. Peairs, Antonio J. Ragusa, Madyson N. Smith, Taylor E. Story and Victoria A. Thomas.


  • PRESIDENT’S LIST: Jordyn P. Barlow, Breanna J. Foster, Mary C. Hodges, Courtney A. Jeffers, Shelby A. Romero, Amanda M. Speeg and Reed J. Williams.
  • DEAN’S LIST: John M. Hodges, Leah Lesage, Katherine E. Manemann and Harley M. Rome.


  • PRESIDENT’S LIST: Matlin C. Amphion, Amber N. Boudreaux, Jessica M. Boudreaux, Brandon M. Delhom, David J. Diebold, Brittany R. Duplechin, Shelby J. Eisworth, William J. Fisher, Madeline L. Gagneaux, Jamie L. Hewitt, Brandi M. Hodge, Brittany A. Johnson, Logan K. Leggett, Emily R. Mann, Jovonni J. Mariano, Katie L. McReynolds, Kirsten L. Mixon, Mason M. Pendergist, Savannah E. Reid, Tasha M. Reid, Katelyn Starns, Meagan A. Thierry, Kayce N. Thompson, Emily G. Treloar and Isabella M. Vazquez.
  • DEAN’S LIST: Maurice D. Askins, Elise M. Beier, Bailey E. Boudreaux, Zechariah G. Cameron, Shelby L. Durbin, Connor M. Haynes, Evan Pace, Taylor H. Pierce, Damita M. Richard and Gabriel G. Von Rosenberg.
  • HONOR ROLL: Connor E. Chapman, Brianna L. Ensminger, Taylor M. Matte, Whitney D. McKnight and Kami R. Weidenbacher.