Zachary Department of Public Works employees Wayne Allison, Keith Day and Wayne Day are working on a project that involves upsizing water drainage pipes on 39th Street near Cypress Park Drive.

The smaller pipes, some of them eroded, are being replaced with larger ones to help alleviate backed-up rainwater from Cypress Bayou and a large ditch that flows toward Old Baker and Heck Young roads, Department of Public Works Director Chris Davezac said.

“Ditches that have existing pipe on both the east and west sides of 39th Street, some sections of Cypress Park Drive and near Tupelo Street, will be replaced,” he said. “We’re hoping to get the water out of here a little quicker.”

The three-man crew began the work last week and will continue on the east side of 39th Street — which should last barring any weather delays — through the end of September. The DPW crew then will begin replacing pipe on the west side of the street.