The City Council approved partial payments Tuesday totaling more than $1.56 million for construction on several infrastructure improvements, including a new road to ease traffic congestion and open up new areas for commercial development.

The largest payment, $834,102, went to Industrial Enterprises Inc. for recent work done on the new road connecting La. 19 and La. 64. The project is nearing completion, city financial officer Steve Nunnery said.

The contract, with a recent change order, now totals $4.47 million. The road will join La. 19 north of the La. 19-La. 64 intersection and connect to La. 64 near Lane Memorial Hospital.

The road is expected to ease traffic congestion in a commercial zone east of the La. 19-La. 64 intersection and put formerly landlocked property into commerce.

The council voted to make a partial payment, also to Industrial Enterprises, of $262,310 for work to make the Zachary Youth Park suitable for distribution of supplies and equipment staging during emergencies, such as hurricanes.

The council accepted the $139,000 annual road rehabilitation project as “substantially complete” and approved a $47,199 partial payment to the contractor, RWB Contracting LLC.

Nunnery said the city-parish accepted a sewage pump station to serve the Americana commercial and residential development on Mount Pleasant Road. The council paid Hawkmoon Construction the final $33,221 due for the project, which was completed in February.

Council members also agreed to pay $47,000 to Industrial Enterprises for a new high-pressure gas line to be served with a tap to Florida Gas Co.’s pipeline. Nunnery said the $419,000 project is expected to be delivering natural gas to customers by December.

The final construction item involves improvements to Rollins Road in the area of Zachary High School, which were not finished on time. The council agreed to increase Kort’s Construction Services Inc.’s contract by $327,764 for work that was not included in the original plans and to pay the firm $313,000 for work done through Sept. 25.

City Attorney John Hopewell said Mayor David Amrhein is negotiating with the firm over liquidated damages the city will assess because the project was not finished before school started.

Also, the council approved the preliminary plat of Cedar Bend subdivision, a 78-lot development on La. 964.