The Zachary Historic Village was the setting of a social studies lesson for fourth-graders visiting from Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School in Baton Rouge on Feb. 17.

Village Director Jean Byers along with part-time employees Moses Kelley and Eula Richardson welcomed the students, their teachers and several parent volunteers as they toured the Allison and McHugh houses, as well as other structures in the village.

The students took turns using a gristmill and grinding corn into cornmeal, learned about historic farming equipment and tools, hung clothes on the line to dry, examined an outhouse and pushed a self-propelled lawn mower.

Teacher Sonia Hurst said the group is studying different parts of the region and the visit to Zachary was a perfect way to maximize the students’ social studies lesson.

Byers said dozens of schools from around the state, as well as locally, visit Zachary Historic Village annually.