Zachary fifth-graders at Copper Mill Elementary ended recent studies on the human anatomy and the frog’s anatomy by making T-shirts featuring human intestines, displaying in a fun, if not icky way, what they had learned.

As part of their studies, the students learned about human intestines and completed a virtual frog dissection lab, so they could compare the innards of both species.

At school, the fifth-graders are watching and studying the metamorphosis of an amphibian by raising five frogs in the classroom from tadpole to adult.

On Dec. 2, 15 volunteer parents helped 300 fifth-grade students paint images of human guts on T-shirts. The students then proudly wore their intestines-bearing apparel to school for a special “We Got Guts” day.

Copper Mill science teachers in charge of planning the project include Kelon Dewey, Regena Landry, Aimee Perrodin and Sandra Saye.

Saye said some of the parents have never seen their children so excited about a lesson.

“The students were going home, talking about guts and innards for days. We knew we had to do something special to highlight what they had learned and to demonstrate that learning can be fun,” Saye said.