Superintendent Scott Devillier led the first in a series of school tours on Oct. 21 at Zachary High School.

The group that showed up for the first of the tours, which will be held monthly at each of the schools within the Zachary Community School District, included School Board members and interested residents.

Community stakeholders, School Board members, businesses and families of students are invited to attend.

“You don’t have to have a student in a Zachary school to go on a tour,” Devillier, who gave brief histories on the different buildings that make up the ZHS campus, said.

Devillier led the group on an all-access tour of the principal’s office, the cafeteria, library and the Hard Work Café, which is open to students earning academic milestones.

Band and art classrooms inside the Visual and Performing Arts Center were visited, as well as the theater itself, where drama students could be seen finishing the set for an upcoming production.

The tour included the school’s gymnasium complex, newly turfed Bronco Stadium and Foundation Hall, which was built for incoming freshmen.

The monthly tours are part of the district’s effort to be more accessible to the community and its residents.

Zachary High School instructs on average about 400 students in ninth through 12th grades.