Tax rates are up for discussion Wednesday during a special meeting of the Zachary City Council.

At its June 9 meeting, the council scheduled a special meeting to consider levying additional or increased millage rates without voter approval or adopting the adjusted millage rates after reassessment. The increase in millages is in an effort to raise revenues and defray operating expenses, according to an ordinance introduced at a previous meeting.

Zachary, like other municipalities, is required to re-establish on an annual basis its property tax millage rate for the upcoming year.

Property owners pay 3.17 mills, an amount relatively low compared to other municipalities throughout the state, officials have said.

The last time Zachary’s millage rate changed was in 2000, when officials rolled back the rate from 3.29.

City Attorney John Hopewell said officials have the authority to increase the rate to 5.79 before requiring a vote of the people.

In 2011, the council had the option to maintain the 3.17 mills, raise the rate to the maximum allowed by state law without voter approval or set the rate in the middle of the two possibilities, which is 4.48 mills.

The council voted unanimously to keep the rate the same.

If the rate is set at 5.79, residents would have to pay about $50 more on their property taxes annually, but it would be 2017 before any tax is collected, Mayor David Amrhein has said.

According to city officials, estimated tax revenues to be collected in the next year from the increased millage is $794,527, while the amount of the increase in taxes attributable to the millage increase is $359,527.

Amrhein said since first being elected to the council in 1997, the millage has never been increased.

“The increase would be minimal, barely noticeable, and would allow us to recoup something,” the mayor has said.

The special meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.