Photo provided by Debby Lowery -- The 2015 Zachary High School Senior Superlatives in front row, from left, are Jamarcus Smith, Brooke Cranford, Gabriella Morales, Joseph Florida, Yara Hantash, Tony Collins, Kendall Stewart, CeCe Kelly, Bailey Boudreaux, Avery Neal, Gabe Hannum, Katelyn Hardin, Jaylynn Howard, Evan Pace, Daniel McClure, Luke Wojohn, Joe Havard, Terri Honoré, Meghan Thierry, Tori White, Tim Carr, Maurice Flowers, Hunter Garrett and Katie Lofton; and back row, Angelle Carter, Quinton Townsel, Kaitlin Hayes, Cherlyn Womack, Khari Lowe, Endonezia Spears, Bailey Valentine, Nick Wallis, Neil Garcia, Terry Selvege, C.J. Bell, Darryl Anderson and Eddie Veal. Not shown, Hannah Thompson.

Zachary Mayor David Amrhein was the guest speaker Feb. 10 at the Zachary High School senior class breakfast. Amrhein wished the seniors well and luck in the future.

Following breakfast and Amrhein’s speech, the Senior Superlatives — class favorites — were announced.

The students named in the following categories were voted upon by their classmates.

Zachary High’s Senior Superlatives for the Class of 2015 are:

Mr. and Ms. ZHS: Gabe Hannum and Katelyn Hardin

Best All-Around: Bailey Boudreaux and Avery Neal

Best Personality: C.J. Bell and Endonezia Spears

Most Courteous: Joseph Florida and Hannah Thompson

Most Intelligent: Yara Hantash and Eddie Veal

Most Likely to Succeed: Quinton Townsel and Bailey Valentine

Most Talented: Brooke Cranford and Jamarcus Smith

Friendliest: Hunter Garrett and Tori White

Funniest: CeCe Kelly and Terry Selvege

Most Athletic: Maurice Flowers and Meghan Thierry

Most Artistic: Darryl Anderson and Angelle Carter

Most Changed: Katie Lofton and Daniel McClure

Most Helpful: Joe Havard and Terri Honoré

Most School Spirit: Jaylynn Howard and Evan Pace

Most Talkative: Nick Wallis and Cherlyn Womack

Most Unselfish: Neil Garcia and Gabriella Morales

Best Buddies: Tim Carr and Khari Lowe

Best Dressed: Tony Collins and Kendall Stewart

Best Hair: Kaitlin Hayes and Luke Wojohn