Advocate staff photo by STACY GILL -- Northeast High School's head football coach David Masterson lives in Zachary with his wife, Jen, and their three children. Jen teaches theatre and play production at Zachary High School.

Name: Dave Masterson, 49

Hometown: Zachary

Family: Married to Jen Masterson, a Theatre II and Play Production I, II teacher at Zachary High School. The couple have three children: Chris, 11, Jack, 9, and Camille, 6. Masterson also has three brothers, including Scott Masterson, Zachary’s building inspector.

Occupation: Has taught western civilization and been head football coach at Northeast High School for 14 years; has been a football coach for 27 years.

Occupational highlights: The Northeast Vikings have gone to the playoffs 11 of the past 13 seasons.

Education: 1983 graduate of Zachary High School, earned undergraduate degree from LSU and obtained master’s degree from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

The Northeast Vikings are having a good run this football season. In a word, sum up this year. Pending.

Pending, really? Are you nervous about the outcome of the season?

No, but this isn’t the best season we’ve had. In 2003 and 2004, we went undefeated. We’ve had better seasons, so we’ll just have to wait and see. So yes, in a word, pending.

What are evenings around the dinner table like in the Masterson household?

The fall is Jen’s time at home with the kids, and spring is my time. Fall is football, so I’m always getting home late. With Jen, she’s at play rehearsals until late, so it’s my time to cook and do homework with the kids. It works out.

Do you and Jen talk about education all the time, being that you both work at two area high schools?

No, I try not to bring any of that home. Work stays at work.

Do your students like you?

I hope so; I try to maintain a good rapport with them. We laugh a lot. They know when I’m joking and when I’m serious. There is a mutual respect there.

If you could work in any other profession, what would you be?

An archaeologist. I’m passionate about history.

What are you currently reading?

My Kindle. I have about 80 books on there. I read all the time. If I’m waiting on one of the kids or in line somewhere and have about 15 minutes to spare, I’m reading.

So, what are you currently reading on your Kindle?

I’m learning to speak German. We went there for Mardi Gras once, maybe 2008 or 2009. I decided if we ever went back, I’d like to be able to speak the language.

What kind of fiction do you like to read? You know, for fun.

I don’t read fiction; everything I read is nonfictional. The real stuff is just as exciting as the make-believe stuff. The story of Henry VIII is better than any episode of “Jerry Springer.” He had six wives and two were executed. The real story is just as exciting, I promise you.

Do you like to travel; where have you been?

Yes, we like to travel, and we’ve been lots of places.

Are you an easy person to travel with?

My wife would probably say no. I’m one of those people who has to read every brown historical marker, the whole thing, at every stop along the way. I drive Jen nuts, but sometimes that comes in handy. Just the other day she called me up at 6:30 a.m. asking me about Henry IV or some historical figure in reference to one of her plays. Then she’s happy that I stopped to read that marker.

It’s Northeast vs. Zachary; who is your wife pulling for?

Northeast, no question! Of course, she would pull for her husband’s team.

So your house is more Vikings than Broncos?

No, it’s both, but my daughter is really the one. Every morning before I leave the house, she has to do a cheer for me. She does this little ‘Go, Vikings’ cheer and I cannot leave until she does it. It’s really very sweet.