An investigation into the accusations of a 12-year-old girl who said she was molested by a man in August led police to arrest the same man on allegations that he repeatedly molested another child beginning in 2008.

A mother called the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office Nov. 18 to tell deputies a man had inappropriately touched her 12-year-old daughter in August, the Sheriff’s Office report says.

The victim had told a counselor that Carl D. Hilton had molested her, according to the report. She said she was lying on her stomach sleeping and woke up to Hilton grabbing her buttocks with both of his hands, the report says.

Hilton, 37, denied the allegation.

The investigation led detectives on Nov. 19 to interview a now 19-year-old girl who accused Hilton of raping her in 2008 when she was in the fourth grade, the Sheriff’s Office report says.

The older victim told deputies in 2008 that Hilton caught her watching an inappropriate show on TV at a Baton Rouge residence and threatened her. She cried while he raped her, the report says.

Sometime after that incident, the 19-year-old victim said her sister caught her in the backyard with a boy her mother did not like and told Hilton about the incident, the report says.

When the victim heard Hilton coming, she ran to a nearby abandoned apartment. Hilton found her and again threatened her, the report says.

Hilton raped her that evening, the report says, and the victim told investigators that after that night, he raped her seven or eight more times.

Hilton chose not to talk when detectives tried to interview him, according to the report.

Hilton, of Baton Rouge, was booked into Parish Prison on a counts of sexual battery and an aggravated sex crime.

Hilton’s bail is set at $125,000.