Detectives with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division arrested and booked into Parish Prison a man who had in his possession 35 pounds of marijuana, according to a news release issued by Casey Rayborn Hicks of the EBRSO.

Agents were investigating reports of a large amount of marijuana being distributed at 8745 Forest Hill, the news release said. Agents discovered 35 pounds of high-grade marijuana at the residence, contained in 32 1-pound bags and nine smaller bags. The marijuana was being sold for $3,600 a pound and had a street value of $126,000.

Detectives also found $12,615 in U.S. currency, a scale, plastic baggies and a vacuum sealer.

Joshua B. Scott, 28, admitted to being in possession of the marijuana, and he was arrested and booked into EBRSO Parish Prison with possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of drug paraphernaliia.