A 45-year-old man was arrested Saturday night after he tried to rob an East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office detective who was in his unmarked vehicle.

The detective was sitting in his car in a parking lot in the 2100 block of South Sherwood Forest Boulevard when Eric Jason Robinson drove vehicle up to the detective and rolled down his window. When the detective rolled down his window, Robinson said, “I’ve got a gun, give me my money,” according to the arrest report.

When the detective told Robinson he was with the Sheriff’s Office, Robinson drove away. The detective called for backup and then followed Robinson to a home where he was arrested at about 11:30 p.m.

A Hi-Point 9 mm pistol was found in the car’s center console, according to the report.

Robinson, of 179 W. Harrison St., told officers that he did go up to the detective’s car, but he though it belonged to his girlfriend who owed him money. When Robinson was asked why he confronted a person who was obviously not his girlfriend, he wouldn’t answer, the report says.

Robinson was booked on a count of attempted first degree robbery.