Jordan Sergent

A man who had several homemade bombs confiscated from his Baton Rouge trailer will remain in jail after a judge's ruling on Wednesday. 

Two out of the five bombs made by 24-year-old Jordan Sergent were designed to injure or kill, testified an ATF agent on Wednesday, according to a report from WBRZ.

Sergent's attorney argued that the bombs, found within the Winchester Drive trailer park, were like 'fireworks,' made five years ago after he watched YouTube videos, according to the report. 

However, two of the explosives were loaded with bbs, which the ATF agent said was for no other reason than to injure those nearby. 

The explosives, as well as drugs and guns, were discovered after police searched Sergent's trailer on Feb. 2, based on a tip from a security guard. Also found in the apartment was a Guy Fawkes mask that was painted red with the words, "God blessed me with the ability to kill," on it.

Sergent remains in custody of U.S. Marshals and will be back in court later this month, according to the report. 

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