Baton Rouge police are looking for a person seen on video apparently collecting evidence from the scene where a woman’s body was found in late March in a parking lot off North Street.

In the video, released Monday on the Baton Rouge Police Department’s Facebook page, a person can be seen driving up to the parking lot where Jemina Williams body was found shot to death on March 26, police said.

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Baton Rouge Police Detectives are attempting to identify the individual in the attached video. The individual appears to be possibly collecting evidence from the crime scene at the homicide of Jemina Williams that occurred on 3-26-15 in the 2600 block of North Street.Anyone with any information on the identity of this individual is urged to contact the Violent Crimes Unit at 389-4869 or Crime Stoppers at 344-7867.

Posted by Baton Rouge Police Department on Monday, April 6, 2015

The person exited the vehicle and spent less than a minute walking around the scene. The person bent down on several occasions, apparently picking up unknown objects from the parking lot where Williams body was found before entering the same vehicle and driving away.

Although the date on the video is incorrect, detectives believe the time on the video is right, said Cpl. Don Coppola Jr., a Baton Rouge police spokesman.

If the time on the video is correct, such information would indicate the person showed up at the scene shortly after 3:15 a.m. and left about 15 minutes later.

Williams’ partially nude body was discovered at about 8 a.m. in a parking lot next to an auto shop in the 2600 block of North Street. Authorities said she died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Other than the video, police did not release any other new details about possible leads in the investigation into the death of Williams, a 34-year-old mother.

Police asked anyone with information about Williams’ death to call the Violent Crimes Unit at (225) 389-4869 or Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-7867.