Police booked a 26-year-old man accused of forcing a student to withdraw $40 from an ATM and hand the money over at LSU’s Student Union Friday morning.

The student told detectives he was walking down Infirmary Drive shortly before 10 a.m. when a man, later identified as Brice Jarell Poole, approached him and told him to stop walking, an LSU Police report says.

“I have a gun, and I’ll use it,” Poole allegedly told the victim. Poole then said he was not serious about the firearm comment but that if the student did not have $40 with him the student would have to go to an ATM and withdraw the money, according to the report.

The student told investigators he felt threatened and went to the Student Union, withdrew the money and gave it to Poole, the report says.

LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard said Poole was wearing a black Star Wars shirt and yellow Crocs shoes when he demanded the money.

Baton Rouge police took a man into custody matching the description shortly after, but Poole told the investigators he was given the $40. When the detectives searched Poole, they found a pipe commonly used for smoking crack cocaine, according to the report.

When they asked Poole if he still had the money, he told them “he spent it on dope,” the report says.

Ballard said Poole had no affiliation with LSU.

Poole, 264 Sharp Road, was booked Friday into Parish Prison Friday on one count each of armed robbery and drug paraphernalia.