Sheriff’s Office: One man lands in jail after drug deal goes bad _lowres

Christopher Michael Charles Heard

A Baton Rouge man was arrested after his friend accused him of robbing him at gunpoint Tuesday night when the two met to split 3 grams of marijuana.

The victim told deputies he had invited a man named “Chris,” later identified as 19-year-old Christopher Michael Charles Heard, to his Summer Breeze Drive home to split 3 grams of marijuana the victim had purchased, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office report says.

The victim said he was splitting the marijuana when Heard reached under his shirt, placed his hand on a black semi-automatic pistol tucked in his waistband and told the victim to “give it up,” according to the report.

Heard then picked up a nearby 9 mm pistol that belonged to the victim’s sister, “racked the slide and pointed it at the victim,” the report says. The victim told detectives he gave Heard the marijuana and $1,500 cash before Heard ran away, still holding the handgun that belonged to the victim’s sister.

The victim said the robber’s name was “Chris,” but he could not recall his last name even though he told deputies they had been friends for several years. When the victim gave detectives Heard’s phone number, investigators linked it to Heard using a law enforcement database, according to the report.

Detectives showed the victim a picture of Heard, and he confirmed that the man in the photograph was the person who robbed him, the report says.

When deputies interviewed Heard about the incident, though, he told them a different story.

Heard said he went to the victim’s home to buy two bottles of codeine and paid $760, the report says. Heard said he realized the codeine the victim gave him was fake, though, and said he got into a fight with him, choking the victim at one point, the report says. Heard told deputies he eventually took his money back from the victim and ran off with the two bottles of fake codeine.

Heard, 1655 Jade Ave., was booked early Wednesday morning into Parish Prison on armed robbery.