An effort to shut a stubborn gate led to an accidental house fire Tuesday morning in Baton Rouge’s Broadmoor neighborhood.

With blustery conditions continually blowing open a gate at a Major Oak Drive house, the home’s resident decided he would tie it shut using a piece of rope, said Mark Miles, a Baton Rouge Fire Department spokesman.

After he burned off a piece of rope inside his garage, the resident walked away from the garage. The man soon heard a loud “boom,” Miles said.

The man didn’t realize the rope was still burning when he walked away from the garage. When the rope made contact with a nearby gas can, an explosion occurred, Miles said.

Firefighters arrived at the home, located near the intersection of Major Oak and Sharp drives, at about 10:50 a.m. It took them about 40 minutes to control the fire, Miles said.

The rear of the home was damaged by the fire and most of the home was damaged by smoke, Miles said.

No one was injured in the incident.

The American Red Cross responded to the scene to assist the home’s resident. The man lived there with two dogs, Miles said.