Baton Rouge woman accused of beating son, 11, with broomstick, belt after suspension from school _lowres

Lawanda Askins

A Baton Rouge woman accused of beating her son with a belt and a broomstick because he got suspended from middle school was arrested Friday by police investigating a tip that an 11-year-old boy was being abused by his mother and stepfather.

Detectives, based off the tip, visited the boy shortly at Glasgow Middle School, where he was a student, and he told investigators his mother got angry with him when he was suspended from school last week and hit him in the face with a belt at least two times, a Baton Rouge Police report says.

The boy told investigators his mother, Lawanda Askins, had also slapped his knuckles with a wooden broomstick two days before. The detective noticed bruises on both the victim’s knuckles and on the right side of his face, according to the report.

Askins, 31, met detectives around 1:30 p.m. that day and told police she had hit her son in the face and the knuckles with a belt, the report says. Askins said she was the only one who “whoops” her son and that her husband, the child’s stepfather, had never touched the boy.

Askins, 1934 Colorado St., was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish 3:30 p.m. Friday on one count of cruelty to juveniles.