LSU Police arrested at least six people Saturday for scalping tickets on campus before the LSU-Alabama football game, including one man who was banned from LSU’s campus two years ago after he tried to scalp tickets when Alabama played the Tigers in 2010, Parish Prison booking records show.

None of the six people arrested are from Louisiana or Alabama, booking records show. Three are from Houston, two are from Georgia and one is from Mississippi.

LSU Police spokesman Capt. Cory Lalonde said officers were actively patrolling campus looking for ticket scalpers.

Lalonde said the arrest number was higher than usual for a game day.

He attributed the high number to the large volume of people on campus for a top-five matchup between heated rivals.

“A bigger game with a lot more people, a lot more hype to it; in those situations, we expect to see more of it (scalping),” Lalonde said.

According to Louisiana law, it is illegal to sell tickets for more than the face value and those convicted of violating the law can be fined up to $500 and imprisoned up to 90 days.

The arrests were made throughout the day.

Undercover officers approached Rodney Lavon Brown after noticing he was selling tickets on campus, according to an affidavit of probable cause for Brown’s arrest.

Brown was selling two tickets for $225 each, the affidavit says. Face value for the tickets is $70 each.

Brown had already been banned from campus after attempting to scalp tickets Nov. 6, 2010, which is the last time LSU played Alabama in Tiger Stadium before Saturday’s game, the affidavit says.

Brown, 46, 530 Sunny Orchard Lane, Clinton, Miss., was booked into Parish Prison on two counts of ticket scalping and one count of remaining after being forbidden.

Plainclothes officers approached Lorenzo Williams, 32, 9894 Bissonnet, and Martin Jimmerson, 48, 3600 W. Jester, both of Houston, around 1:30 p.m. on Fieldhouse Drive near North Stadium Drive, according to affidavits for the their arrests.

Williams asked one of the detectives how many tickets he wanted to buy, and the detective responded by asking how many Williams had, the affidavits say.

Williams said he had tickets for four seats, two of which were paired together and two were separate, the affidavits say.

Williams told the detectives the tickets were $250 each, or $1,000 for all four, the affidavits say.

Detectives took the two men into custody and searched them, finding $145 on Williams and $541 on Jimmerson, the affidavits say.

A plainclothes officer approached Korey Fitzgibbons, 36, 11575 Pearland Parkway, Houston, and asked him how much he was selling his tickets for, an affidavit for his arrest says. Fitzgibbons said he had four tickets for $250 each.

An officer approached Jacob Moore, 26, 3358 Greens Ridge Court, Dacula, Ga., about 6:30 p.m. and asked for his ticket price. Moore said he was selling tickets for $175, the affidavit says.

Around the same time, another officer approached Dexter Shorter, 28, 2579 Alpine Way, Duluth, Ga., about tickets for sale. Shorter said he was selling his tickets for $150 each, an affidavit for his arrest says.

LSU Police took Shorter into custody and found six LSU-Alabama tickets and $1,733 in his possession, the affidavit says.

Williams, Jimmerson, Fitzgibbons, Moore and Shorter were all booked into Parish Prison on counts of ticket scalping.