A Baton Rouge police officer who stopped a 27-year-old Baton Rouge man on suspected drunken driving shot and critically injured him early Sunday morning after the man tried to grab the officer’s gun, police said.

Derek Davis was pulled over on suspicion of drunken driving near the intersection of Glendale Avenue and Morning Glory Avenue just after 1 a.m., said Cpl. Don Coppola, a Baton Rouge Police spokesman.

“The suspect resisted arrest and a physical altercation ensued against the officer,” Coppola said in a news release. “The suspect then attempted to disarm the officer of his duty weapon while also threatening his life. The officer, while fearing for his life, was able to draw his weapon and fired multiple shots which struck the suspect, incapacitating him.”

Davis, 10812 Stanley Aubin Lane, Baton Rouge, was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive, Coppola said.

The officer, who has been with the department for five years, has been placed on administrative leave, Coppola said. He said he could not release the name or any information about the officer.

“We’re limited right now because it is an ongoing investigation,” Coppola said. “But as soon as we can, we will release information.”

On late Sunday morning, blood still could be seen on the grass of a resident’s lawn. Police tape could be seen hanging from the post of a Glendale Avenue home.

Several neighbors said Sunday they witnessed different aspects of the incident.

One neighbor, who declined to be identified, said he watched Davis complete about 15 minutes of sobriety tests outside of the white sedan he had been driving on Glendale Avenue. Davis was about to climb inside a police car when he suddenly took off running, the neighbor said.

The officer chased after Davis, and when the two ran about 15 yards away, they disappeared from the neighbor’s view behind a parked Ford Bronco, which is when the neighbor said he heard about three gunshots.

That was when Wood Rogers came out of his house and saw Davis lying on Rogers’ front lawn, bleeding with the officer kneeling beside him, telling him to be still.

A man and woman who were passengers in Davis’ car stayed inside the vehicle during the arrest and shooting, a neighbor said.

Coppola confirmed later Sunday that there was a brief foot chase between the officer and Davis and that there were other passengers in the car who were not involved in the incident.

Coppola said in a follow-up release that Davis will face charges relating to the incident and also is facing a fugitive charge for a simple burglary in Livingston Parish, but he did not have more information on that charge.

Lester McCrory, another neighbor who heard the shots and came outside, Rogers and the third neighbor said they weren’t questioned by police.