A Baker man raped a 22-year-old woman he met online, then drove her to a bank where he and another man forced her at gunpoint to withdraw hundreds of dollars in cash from an ATM, Baker Police reported.

The victim told Baker detectives she met Anthony Chatman, 20, on social media and the two developed a casually intimate relationship, a Baker Police report says.

Chatman and Skylar Horton, 32, picked the woman up at her home Tuesday night, the report says, and took her to another residence where she began having consensual sex with Chatman.

But Chatman became rough with the woman, she told police, and refused to stop after she told him to stop and tried to push him away.

Chatman went on to rape her a second time, the report says, an assault she told police was even worse than the first.

Afterward, Chatman and Horton drove her to a Baker bank branch where Chatman, wielding a gun, demanded she withdraw several hundred dollars at an ATM, the report says.

The two men then drove her to a gas station, where they used the stolen cash to fill up the tank, the report says.

As they left the gas station, Chatman spoke about killing the woman “to ensure her silence,” the report says, but he didn’t after the woman pleaded for her life.

Chatman and Horton eventually dropped the woman off near her house after threatening to kill her if she contacted police, the report says.

Images taken by the bank’s security cameras show the woman in the suspects’ vehicle and bank documents matched the victim’s account of the robbery, the report says. Detectives also gathered blood-stained clothing from the victim.

The woman said Chatman and Horton identified themselves as cousins, but the report didn’t indicate if they are in fact relatives.

Baker Police arrested Chatman and Horton Wednesday. Both were booked on counts of armed robbery. Chatman is also facing one count of second-degree rape.

Bail for Chatman is set at $125,000. Bail for Horton is set at $40,000.