Melvin Hendtricks

A New Orleans man is accused of contractor fraud for abandoning a roofing project after accepting $4,200 from the homeowner, according to a Baton Rouge Police Department report.

The resident told police that 47-year-old Melvin Hendricks agreed to replace the roof on a flooded Baton Rouge home on Oct. 24, but never started the project after accepting $4,200, according to the report.

Police say Hendricks agreed to do the work for $5,600 and accepted $4,200 up front to buy materials and get started. The resident said Hendricks did not respond to multiple calls and text messages between the time of the agreement and Dec. 29, 2016.

Hendricks, of 1621 Behrman Ave., New Orleans, was booked on a warrant into Parish Prison on Friday on residential contractor fraud and theft.