Almoine Lemar Powell

Almoine Powell pictured in a 2015 mugshot. He pled guilty to simple battery in June 2017 after his 2015 arrest.

A Baker man was arrested Sunday and accused of attacking his wife, throwing her to the ground and choking her until her son came home and stepped in to help his mother.

The woman told authorities at about 10:40 a.m. that she and her husband, Almoine Powell, 27, were arguing in the kitchen when he put her in a headlock and began choking her, according to an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office report.

The woman was not identified in the report, nor was her son.

The woman told investigators that Powell threw her to the floor and continued choking her by putting both of his hands around her neck, the report says. He then grabbed her arm and began to drag her to the bedroom, saying, “You’re really going to get it once we make it to the bedroom,” according to the report.

The woman’s 21-year-old son walked in at that time and tried to stop Powell, which instigated a fight between the two men, the report says. As they moved outside, the woman was able to get away and call 911.

The son corroborated his mother’s account, saying he heard her yelling when he arrived at the house and saw Powell dragging her, deputies said. He said he tried to push Powell outside when Powell grabbed him and tried to put him in a headlock, the report says. Powell’s cousin broke up the fight, and the son went to check on his mother.

The woman had dark bruising and a bleeding scratch on her neck as well as redness on her right wrist, the report says. She told authorities the bruising was from a previous attack when her husband tried to choke her, but the scratch and redness were from that day’s attack.

The couple has been married for about one month, dated for four months and have lived together less than two months, according to the report.

When authorities contacted Powell, he said he only got in a fight with his wife’s son Sunday, and he was “jumped on” by both his wife and her son, the report says. Powell also said he has fought with his wife before, but only to stop her from doing drugs, and they argued Sunday for that same reason.

Powell, of 04903 Coolidge St., was booked into Parish Prison on counts of battery, domestic abuse and strangulation.