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Jeremy Blanchard

A Livingston man accepted more than $15,000 to complete work on a flooded Baton Rouge home, but stopped working after three weeks of repairs, some of which he did incorrectly, according to a Baton Rouge police report.

Police on Wednesday arrested Jeremy K. Blanchard, 34, of 28070 S. Satsuma Road, Livingston, on counts of residential contractor fraud and contractors misapplication of payments prohibited.

Blanchard and the homeowner signed the $15,650 contract on Jan. 28 and Blanchard was paid in full up front, according to the police report. After three weeks, Blanchard stopped showing up for work and the victim realized that the contractor's work had been done incorrectly and he had purchased cheaper and lower quality materials than what they had agreed upon and then pocketed the extra money, police said.

When the homeowner confronted him, Blanchard said, "You're not my only customer" and that he was "done with her" and has since filed an insurance claim with (his) insurance company for any damages.

The homeowner was never contacted by Blanchard's insurance company and was never refunded any of the money she paid the contractor, police said.

Police said Blanchard did not have a Louisiana contractor's license, and his company, B&H Home Remedies, was not registered in Louisiana.