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Ridarian Fleming, 17

A search for narcotics Tuesday led to the discovery of four wounded, neglected dogs in the backyard of a known drug house in Baton Rouge, a police report says.

Ridarian Fleming, 17, was arrested as part of a search warrant carried out at 5330 McClelland St., on counts of possession with intent to distribute cocaine and cruelty to animals, according to a Baton Rouge police report.

After a confidential informant conducted a “controlled buy” of powder cocaine and marijuana from two residences — 5330 and 5338 McClelland St. — police officers, aided by the department’s Special Response Team, searched 5330 McClelland St., the report says. Authorities found seven grams of powder cocaine inside a freezer and also located $506 in cash in various denominations, a finding “consistent with street-level narcotics,” the report says.

Four pit bulls with “leaking open wounds” were spotted in the yard, chained to a tree, the report says. The canines did not have adequate food, water or shelter, according to the document.

Fleming, who was inside the house, was arrested and advised of his Miranda rights, the report says. He admitted to owning the dogs and is aware that drugs are being sold from the residence, which he said he shares with another man, according to the document.

Fleming was booked into Parish Prison and was assigned a bail of $30,000, according to jail records.