Security system poles at the Capitol snag another vehicle _lowres

Photo provided by WBRZ -- A Nissan Altima sits perched on a the bollards in front of the Louisiana State Capitol on Friday April 17, 2015.

Another vehicle was stopped short by the new Capitol security system Friday as it tried to leave a parking lot, according to a report on WBRZ.

Authorities said a House staffer was trying to follow another vehicle out of the Southwest Lot at the Capitol when the security poles deployed and caught under its front bumper, lifting it off the pavement.

Earlier this month the new State Capitol parking lot security system smashed state Rep. Paul Hollis' Audi A8 as he exited the lot.

At secured parking entry and exits, the bollards are used to prevent unauthorized vehicles. A traffic light is posted at each entry and exit spot, which turns red or green, telling the motorists when to go or stop. Motorists swipe a card that triggers the bollards to go down. After their car passes, the red light goes on and the bollards go back up until the next car in line is authorized to go through.

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