ATC chief’s vehicle stolen from home _lowres

ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert's state vehicle was stolen Sunday night and found Monday after someone tried to set it on fire by placing a rag in the gas tank and lighting it.

Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commissioner Troy Hebert’s Louisiana-owned vehicle was stolen from his Baton Rouge home Sunday night and found Monday in the city after someone tried to torch it.

When Baton Rouge police and firefighters located the vehicle early Monday, they discovered someone tried to set it on fire by placing a rag in the gas tank and lighting it, according to an ATC new release.

The burglary comes after Hebert recently learned about comments suggesting he should be shot or have his office bombed, the release says.

“Obviously ATC deals with sensitive issues — closing businesses, arresting people,” Hebert said Monday afternoon. “We recently issued 800 violations across the state.”

Just last week, ATC announced the results of its annual summer crackdown, in which it cites businesses for serving alcohol or tobacco to minors, and it posted a list of businesses cited. In Baton Rouge, more than 100 establishments were cited. In New Orleans, nearly 200 businesses were issued citations.

A little over a year ago, someone previously shot at six ATC vehicles at the agency’s headquarters in Baton Rouge. Hebert said that shooting has not been solved.

The recent threats and now the burglary have unnerved the commissioner.

“I have some concerns about my family’s safety,” Hebert said.

State Police are investigating the incident, and Hebert said he hopes they can get to the bottom of it.

“In today’s environment, the last thing we want is something to happen,” he said. “At the end of the day, I hope it’s not that big of a deal.”