Deputies arrested a man Friday evening accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint as she was bringing clothes into an Arcadian Shores Avenue house while her children waited in her vehicle.

The victim had just arrived at the house and was making several trips inside with the clothes, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office report says. Her children were in the vehicle, watching a movie.

On her second or third trip into the house, a stranger, later identified as Trendell Lanealus Collins, 41, blocked the doorway and pointed a silver handgun at her, trapping her inside the house, the Sheriff’s Office report says.

Collins told her, “I tell you what I need, I need some money. I need all you got. Don’t make a big scene. I have nothing to live for. I will shoot you,” the report says.

The mother handed over $50 to $80, but Collins said it wasn’t enough. The victim got past Collins, and he tried to get her back inside. When she resisted, Collins struck her twice in the head and told her, “I will shoot you,” the report says.

The victim gave Collins her credit card, and he left in a white Chevrolet Tahoe, the report says.

Deputies later identified him using cameras that were stationed at the entrance of the subdivision. The license plate number allowed police to find Collins, and he later admitted to deputies during an interview at the Gardere Substation that he had robbed the woman.

Collins, 1312 General Adams Ave., was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on armed robbery and burglary counts.