Joshua Penny

A Golden Meadow man was arrested Friday after what the Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi called "the most brutal attack" he has seen where the victim survived.

The man, 33-year-old Joshua Penny, is accused of kidnapping a woman, taking her to secluded woods in north Iberville Parish, and attacking and raping her last weekend after the two had an argument, Stassi said.

Eventually, the victim and Penny's family were able to persuade him to get mental help and they went to a hospital. At the hospital, the woman was able to slip away and was admitted to the ICU with serious injuries.

Stassi described the woman as "really tore up," needing multiple surgeries and other procedures.

"He talks about love," Stassi said of Penny. "You can't love someone and do this to them."

Penny was released from the hospital Friday and arrested on first-degree rape, domestic abuse and false imprisonment.

Penny, though a Golden Meadow resident, has been arrested in Iberville Parish twice before on principal to carnal knowledge of a juvenile and animal cruelty, Stassi said.