A Baton Rouge man accused of raping a woman last October after he gave her a ride home was tracked down Sunday and booked into Parish Prison.

Garrick J. Dells, 44, 5711 St. Gerard Ave., faces a count of forcible second-degree rape. His bail has been set at $100,000.

Baton Rouge police filed an arrest warrant for Dells in mid-February after matching his DNA with evidence found at the scene and after the victim identified Dells from a photo lineup.

Dells was found Sunday morning around 9:30 a.m. when he called about police about a disturbance provoked by his landlord at his St. Gerard residence, but ended up being arrested himself when police discovered his outstanding warrant, said Don Coppola, a spokesman for Baton Rouge Police.

According to Dells’ warrant, the female victim was leaving a bar on Florida Street on Oct. 3 and Dells agreed to give her a ride home. Instead, he drove to an abandoned building and offered to pay her $20 for sex. When she refused, he kicked her out of the car and threatened to shoot her, the warrant says.

Fearing her safety, she got back in the vehicle. Dells then told her to remove her pants and underwear, and then raped her, according to the warrant.

The victim ran to a nearby residence to report the rape and was transported to Woman’s Hospital, where she underwent a sexual assault examination.