Following a Thursday night car crash, a Baton Rouge police officer scooped up a 4-year-old girl whose sister and mother were in need of EMS treatment.

According to a Baton Rouge Police Department Facebook post, Sergeant Duke Staples noticed the small girl had lost her shoes and was walking around the accident site that was littered with broken glass. The mother and the girls 12-year-old sister suffered injuries in the crash.

Sgt. Staples took the 4-year-old under his care and comforted her until EMS was able to stabilize her sister and prepare her for transport to the hospital. A family member later arrived to take care of the girl while her mother and sister were transported to the hospital for treatment.

Last night, this precious 4 year old girl and her family were victims of a serious crash that occurred in the 9200 block...

Posted by Baton Rouge Police Department on Friday, July 3, 2015