The Sheriff’s Office arrested a 22-year-old man accused of raping, beating and burning a woman he contacted for sex in exchange for money in November, something he allegedly tried to do to a different woman in December.

Detectives issued an arrest warrant for Willie Hill III after investigating the attempted armed robbery and rape of a woman on Nov. 16 in an abandoned home in the 11000 block of North Engleswood St. The woman said she was contacted by Hill through her advertisement and planned to go to his home in Baker after he agreed to pay her $150 for 30 minutes of sex.

The woman told deputies she went into the house but decided to leave after realizing it was vacant. As she was leaving, a man approached her near the carport, told her to give him all her money, an affidavit says. When the victim told him she didn’t have any money, he hit her in the head with a flashlight.

The man then heated a metal pipe with a torch and burned the woman on her face and body before raping her, the affidavit says. She escaped by telling the man she had dropped some money near the road, and he allowed her to get it, which is when she ran away and called for help.

A similar scenario happened at the same abandoned house on Dec. 8 when another woman with a advertisement was contacted, the affidavit says. The victim said she was confronted with a flashlight and black gun by someone who tried to rob her. Although injured, the woman was able to escape before she was sexually assaulted.

The description of the man from the victims and information provided by area residents led to identifying Hill as the suspect, according to police reports.

Hill, of 11956 N. Engleswood St., was booked Wednesday into Parish Prison on aggravated rape, aggravated second-degree battery, attempted armed robbery and false imprisonment while armed with a dangerous weapon.